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  • Virginia

    The recipe definitely sounds finger-licking good. It is one I’ll try out :-), especially with the roast potatoes. I see from your photo you served your glazed chicken with roast potatoes, any special way of preparing that? Thank you for sharing your Kenya recipe with us.

    • Charles

      We usually boil the potatoes first in water to which some butter and rosemary leaves have been added to enhance their flavor.

  • Kipleting Eric

    I love the history so much it is well illustrated.

  • Emile Schonborn

    This information has been very helpful. Thank you for sharing. Please keep this up.

    • Isaac Biwott

      Surely. Am doing some research on The Impacts on climate change with view of giving recommendation on how to safeguard our tourism industry for future generations.

  • Hanif Bashir

    I’m very excited…it must be very wonderful to visit Maasai Mara…thanks a lot. In my holidays I must visit and take a trip by a hot-air balloon to see the famous five and other animals…thank you for the knowledge and be blessed.

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  • Isaac Biwott

    Kenyan is a great nation by all manner of definitions. Lets safeguard our countries heritage while taking adequate precautions on the climate change impacts very seriously. The rest of the world have a lot to learn and emulate.

  • Izaac

    Cool page on Kenya 🙂